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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

LAZAT a Western cuisine in JB

So after a week of no dessert, no fried food and only tap water (in malaysia kena tapis dulu la kot), we had our cheat day at LAZAT, a wstern cuisine restaurant in Tampoi, JB, Malaysia.

We did not ordered much because we are trying to save up for our Jakarta trip in 2 weeks time a.k.a poor. Haha.. yet we are very grateful in everything.

Chocolate milk shake RM9.90. Not out of the ordinary..

Panacota RM9.90. Nice to try

Beef pepperoni pizza RM27. Different kind of dough. Quite nice. Try it.

Bolognese spaghetti RM20. Nice to eat if you feel like eating spaghetti.

Mashed potatoes RM7. Quite nice. Can try. Originally ordered for our baby.

Overall they serve quite delicious plates. But sadly i have not tried their expensive steaks yet, which was much sadder because steaks are their specialties.

Here is us (without me) previously before dining in, at the hospital. Waited several hours to get an eye examination. It turns out my poor baby is short sighted with a power of 400! Hopefully her short sighted lowers down to the most minimum.

A day at the hospital

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