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Monday, 2 February 2015

The secret behind touchy videos

I just watched a touching video from mudah.my for Chinese New Year 2015. Here is a link to the video. It makes me wonder why do people feel touchy on such videos pertaining how two long lost friends and then they got back together. And also videos such as showing selfless acts too can bring up a tear.

Emotions, they are from Allah.


We know that Silaturrahim (social bonding) is encouraged in Islam.
But my theory of having these emotions when watching a simple video of two lost friends is that it resembles how our soul is missing Allah. Soon our souls will be together again. Hopefully in the matter that we succeed all His tests. My other theory is that any good and preferred attitude (in this context i would say the Silaturrahim) by the creator is natural, thus we are touched by such acts.

Love others like you love yourself

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