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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Give cats some food please!

Today i had my lunch a bit late. I bought myself 'Nasi Bajet' that costs RM4.00 for a few pieces of ayam berempah, sayur kacang panjang, sambal and a huge amount of nasi. The story started when I was about to leave the store after getting what i wanted. A cat meowed asking for some food. So then I halted somewhere that I won't obstruct anyone. My packed nasi was folded in a way it was easy to get the chicken out. And then another cat came. So I poked my hand in trying to take one out. While on that, I figured, is this enough for me? Because as I remembered the boy put only a few. So I stood there, while digging... and thinking... should or should not to give a way my chicken. And then.... I just went away T_T

I am such a bad person!
I don't deserve to taste heaven :(
I failed :((

As i went back and ate my nasi and chicken, it seemed that the chicken is actually enough for 2 cats.

The moral of the story is:
One should sincerely have the feeling that they don't deserve heaven. Or not, they will just take it for granted and have the easy way.

T_T sorry cats. Will try to do better next time.

Despite the frustrated fugly face, i do want to show my new shirt