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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Dream House

       While i was planning my future house, it hit me that rather than planning a house right here on earth, i should be planning my house up in heaven. Meaning, i can dream anything. ANYTHING! But in order to be up there and have a wonderful house, i have to work harder in this world. So to motivate myself, i sketched some dream houses. And the result was... zzzz... so dull! Moreover, i am also doing a research on dream houses for the housewives. So in the end i asked myself, "If money was not a question, how does my house look like?"

View towards the sky (top) workstation attached facing a great view (bottom)

trying to interpret living on a river with fruits-ready to eat (top). same as top but change to beach instead (bottom)

So here are some googled images of jannah, dream houses and paradise as others imagined. 

Oh dear my Creator, please allow me, my family and friends to live at your wonderful heaven and let us be right by your side always with the companionship of Rasulullah s.a.w, sahabah, prophets, and your soleh servants. Amin.