WARNING! Be careful of this blog. You might get fatter.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Help me realize my vision board

I want to loose my preggy weight!
I have to graduate on time :O
And I definitely want to be a better Muslim.

~ Help me realize my dream! ~

Be my weight loss buddy
Be my research buddy
Be my 40 days tahajjud challange buddy

or just 

Send your secret sincere prayer for me :*

Hohoho... and err.. yes I am now one of those thousands and thousands of shaklee distributor. 

But pleeeeeeease note:

  1. Saya serius tidak memaksa untuk membeli.
  2. Saya serius tidak suka anda anggap saya berkawan kerana mahu membuat jualan. Oh tidaaak sama sekali.
  3. Saya serius nak kurus dan sihat.
  4. Saya serius nak bayar hutang guna duit jualan shaklee.
  5. Rm65 for a lifetime membership and get shaklee member price and become a distributor too! TETTTT.. direct selling is hard! only those who dream and work hard will get there. *luckily i got a great supportive group that does it in an Islamic way. OBVIOUSLY im looking for apprentices too (besides my vision buddy).

That is all, and thanks for the love (seriously) :*

*Kindly say hello and your thoughts of this post (and my visions too!)