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Sunday, 27 October 2013

How to be Great! October is ending!

Yesterday I went to a programme of "Ini Sejarah Kita (ISK) learning the histories of Islam, the golden ages and how it got ruined just like that. What gave me some perspective is how Istiqamah is Sultan Muhamed al-Fateh. Since he got baligh, he never left a single of his 5 times prayer, rawatib and also his tahajud. That is how and why he can conquer Costantinople at only 23 years old. So amazing! What I'm saying is,

If you want to be great, you can!  

It has been almost 2 months in doing my Masters in Architecture by Research and I don't know what to do for my topic, although my supervisor already advised to speed up. I will be defending my proposal by December, Insya Allah. Athan baru selesai, maka saya perlu solat di awal waktu. Sebab saya mahu jadi hebat! Hebat di mata Nya InsyaAllah.