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Monday, 3 June 2013

Giving advice without hurting

I actually wanted to write something that's been bothering me. But then, why do I turn to the public that none may interest on, when it's better to cry and tell to Allah rather than telling to anyone else, especially the public. So they say.

So I did. I cried and prayed, in front of the monitor. Just a brief tear. nothing much. But what I get from that were:
  1. If I want something bad, I have to work harder.
  2. What seemed bad for you, actually is good for you.
  3. Never ever forget Allah and istigfar as often as you can.
Another thing that I encounter, "How do you advise someone without bothering their feelings?". My answer would be,
  1. S.U.P.P.O.R.T,  give suggestions and participate in the transition
  2. Don't just comment / being judgmental and sound like it's an order!
  3. Don't repeat the advice over and over again, frequently
  4. In the end it's still their choice to be whatever they want, just accept them the way they are, because you already said enough to them. May Allah guide us all.
Ugly betty