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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My simple wedding


03.03.13 Sunday. It was my wedding.

It took place at my house. Solemnization at 11 am in the morning then proceed to feast. A one day event. Some things were according to planned and some were not. But even unintended, it became better then expected.

#What made me happy! :
1.  Gorgeous self-&-friends-made decos:
     Bilik pengantin, pelamin, candy booth, whimsical fancy porch and gazebo, *basically every decor*
2.  My drawn inai (from a booth inside TESCO shah alam) and 'accidental-design' wedding dress
3.  The part where most of my family and friends wore pastel and cover their aurah :')
4.  Prettiest canopies provided by caterer with red carpet and green arches

#Some sad things happened:
1.  I heard the food was not sufficient. Sorry!
2.  Invitations were badly handled. Errggh.. Sorryy!!
3.  My plan for my dulang girls to come down first failed. it was too pack! :(
4.  Didn't take longer time to take more outdoor pics due to rain and tiredness. *oh regret!!!*

Overall here is the video, produced by cahayafotografik

and also come see other pictures from my photographer Gambajer. click the picture below for more pics:

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