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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Racism itu biadap


Stop being racist. 

Bumi ini Allah yang punya.

Always judge other people by their actions and ahlak. not their race maa. Can't we accept the fact that other races are now Malaysians? How about accepting that this is their land too now. *somebody is gonna get pissed!* Is it in the future that all non-indigenous will have to return to their moyangs origin country back? I don't think so. Can't we just live together, and maybe, terminate the privileges that only some race have. You never know, that some race might be better off without the privileges, (as long it doesn't against syari'ah Islam). Can't we be brothers and sisters? cakap senang ya.

History you say? Well have you ever thought about the future? Don't we want a future where all different races get along together and help out each other. Have you ever thought that maybe, there are reasons why Allah made these different races together in this 1 country. Oh believers, think back our existence.  Due to the lots and lots of different race, Islam need to be the backbone of the country (plus it's proven in Muhammad's s.a.w. ruling), and don't worry because,

"Apabila Islam memerintah sesebuah negara, pemerintah Islam berkewajipan untuk memastikan hak bukan Islam dilindungi."

Orang melayu

now that's 1 Malaysia
and that's a country I would be proud of!

ps, this is only the thoughts and opinions of the author.