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Thursday, 23 August 2012

Rumah kucing biadap


everyday i have to deal with my 7 cats in their cat house. in the morning I'll give food, clean litter, clean the floor, clean the bed, and let them go. then in the evening they'll come back and i'll close the door and give food, clean litter, clean the floor, clean the bed, all over again. Their cat house is specially renovated for them, extended at my back yard. Nak ikutkan rumah kucing yang kat rumah ni haram. sebab dah terlebih setback (anjakan bangunan yang dibenarkan) haha.. takpe asalkan jiran tak complain.

Well, Le me introduce you to the family!

Mimi. Our original cat. born in our house. she's huge actually.

Kitty. She came to us herself hungrily near our neighbour's house. and now she's sooo fat. 

Tiger.  Somebody gave us to take care of him and 4 others. He was named Tiger cause he bit aggressively during his bath long time ago. Our nieghbour calls him 'handsome' though.

Anton. The overprotective-mother of Jing and Kontot. Also the aunty to Tiger and Lily. 

Jing. Mommy's boy

Lily. TIger's sister. Very clingy to human and bullied by every cat except his brother Tiger

Kontot. runs fast from the bad black cat
And lastly here he is, their enemy, the bad black cat Pak itam. He's not my cat. I just gave him food occasionally.

finally! So this is where they sleep and kept safe. An extended of low brick wall complete with grilles and zinc roof. also with a fan and sink..!
Yup ampaian tu memang cantik kat situ
the sleeping and relaxing area

thanks for the demo kontot!

the apartment cage. tiger and lily on ground whilst mimi on top floor.
the apartment from outside

entering the apartment (saje je panggil apartment)

A  corner; to peek nenek yang suka kasi ikan fresh......
yeay now my tools!
ma dish rack

the dish rack also equips with a relaxing area on top. 
ma cleaning tools

ma other tools; sheidltox, spray perfume, dish soap, and sponges 

next, i have a closet where i put my stuff.
i put the cat food in the closet. i always buy 18kilos of food every 1.5 month. 
i also put ma floor soap, paper tish, emergency luka2 gamat, a bakul with gunting, ubat, jam and bunch other stuffs
a pic frame for no reason

Toilet from afar beside the closet
 from right; litter box, litter refill, litter bin

 ma cat litters. I use Fussie cat and Okuplus (picture below - bought only for Mimi cause its expensive).  At Haiwanku section 9 and David's section 17 sells Fussie cat for RM21 per bag.
 Meanwhile the wood litter Okupulus is Rm35 at David's. at Haiwanku only sell Okupulus in a huge bag at Rm110.

the cat litter bin 

sorry to say this but....that's all. thank you for reading!