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Monday, 14 May 2012

Kisah biadap 3

On my lunch break, a lady waited alone at her table beside me. Then, after a while, two guys came. One guy was leading his friend to her table, which was a blind person. After the blind person sat down, the other guy went to get two plates of rice for the lady and the blind. As the guy invite them to eat, both the lady and the blind get up to wash their hands. the blind holds the lady's shoulder, while the lady holds the other guy's shoulder, both wanting assistance to the sink.

OH MY $%^*&* she's blind too.... i don't know to cry or smile seeing them in a keretapi-like manner. My cheeks hurt so bad resenting to have even a tiny grin.

*keretapi = train 
 macam bods je kan cerita ni? whateva....

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