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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Kedai ikan bakar jual cream puff biadap

Hallo... Looking for a place to lunch in Shah Alam? So, ive been to this small kedai makan at Tesco Extra in Shah Alam(yang bekas Macro) agak boleh tahaaan laa... The restaurant BAWANG KECIK served menus of local and western. Ikan bakar dia menggelegak masa dihidang, dituang dgn sambal istimewa. With a choice of either pari, kembong or keli. Simple je tapi sedap.

Ikan kembong and ikan pari steaming up!

What I actually love about here is their desert! (macam biasalakan...) They have, POPIAH DURIAN and CREAM PUFF. Im excited cause its gooood...

I took 3 cream puff and 1 oreo cheese tart

The Cream Puff! The YUMMY cream is light and proportioned to its pastry! Only RM2.50 for 3 piece..

Their oreo cheese tart taste like a typical cheese tart would taste. Nothing special. But acceptable.  (Did I just did a tongue twister?)

And now the popiah durian!! (Note that Im not a big fan of durian)

This is a MUST TRY! The Popiah Durian....They actually serve 2 piece per plate. tak sempat snap da baham..

Sila lihaat! Light and sweet durian wraped in thiiin crispy popiah...tastes similar to cempedak goreng. OMONOMONOMONOM!!!

I drank fresh orange. it's actually a good fresh orange.

So, spot this restaurant and don't come with a lot of people cause its too small to fit you all. Hehe

Well, that's all! 

Thank you for reading!