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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chocolate mousse cake and Pizza San Francisco!

Craving for anything now? here i go again with MORE indulging food.. Here I present you my birthday cake (okay the cake might not be that indulging) and some of the menus at Pizza San Francisco, Bukit Jelutong.
CHAAA!! Here's me lame cake!

its a chocolate mousse cake from Bakers Cottage! 

Layers of chocolate and white chocolate mousse. Light and fresh. Supa! 

Usually if we buy a cake it would last long in the fridge, but this cake seemed to finish fast!

Now moving on, Pizza San Francisco in Bukit Jelutong..

nachos for appetizers. sour cream and peas paste.
(not what i would imagined for nachos..too weird for me)

garlic bread (a bit salty but ok)

banana strawberry smoothie (SUPER!)

baked lamb. I expect more from a recommended chef's menu.. not that special. just expensive. heh..

Irish pasta. This is good. try it.

I can't remember what pizza this is. but its recommended in the menu.
and I also recommend you to try out.

By just one slice of that pizza you will be full already. 3/4 of the pizza was brought home. nice packaging!

If you want unique like pizzas (and expensive drinks)
you can try here at the Pizza San Francisco

Ok we're done!

Thanks for reading!