WARNING! Be careful of this blog. You might get fatter.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

cake cake cake..

So my birthday is coming up. and i wish to have a more healthier cake. which means lots and lots of fruits (or perhaps acceptable amount). i'm gaining too much weight now, but still, i wanna indulge on my birthday. so here are some of my wish cake list. 

Secret Recepi's Trans Fat Free Peach Cream Cake

A fresh and light cake with peach pieces and apricot filling through layers of sugar-free sponges. (Hopefully I'll give my reviews in the future)

Mid Valley Breadstory's fresh cream fruit cake
So this I found in LeMoments blog telling that he bought the cake and flew it across from KL to Kuching; just so because his wife had been searching for this kind of fresh fruit cake and so worth it. (that's what he said)

Breadstory's fruit basket cake
I just found out this is what Breadstory's actual fresh fruit looks like. But I don't know. I hope it's not. Wrapped in chocolate seems too much. We'll see..

Breadstory's green tea cake

I've tasted a green tea cake before and it was YUMMY! Green tea ice blended is also SUPERB! It almost tastes like ice cream vanilla. So as I was just strolling the net for a green tea cake, and who knew Breadstory also makes them. Yeay..Hope to eat you tomorrow on my birthday. Hopefully it's good as the last time i'd tried. I actually tried the green tea cake some where other than Breadstory.

Fruit Paradise in Singapore fruit tarts
The name of the bakery tells it all, fruit paradise. I've tasted the ones without alcohol in it. it's light, full of fruits and fresh! but I don't think there is any in Malaysia. If I want it badly I may have to do it myself

Yumm..thanks for reading..wait for my review of actual birthday cake!