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Friday, 16 December 2011

Improve yourself post 2: what do you do when you're in trouble?

hola hola holaa.. may Allah bless you.

Hi :) i'm gonna tell you my secret to life.

When im in trouble, I mean dip shyt trouble, i will say 'Ya somad' which means 'Maha Diperlukan (Allah's name)'so, when i say it, i believe it, and with a tear of confidence that I really really really NEED Him cause Allah is the only One can save me.

true experience:
My BIG presentation was not complete by the dateline. I literally prayed for a miracle. so in a humble way (and crying my pants off) I recited Ya Somad (Yuh-so-mudh)5684x, then I halted to get my head straight, " why should I be scared of the presentation when I know Allah can save me" "This is just duniawi. I should only be scared to Allah" i felt calm and walk slowly to the presentation room. Shockingly I found out I was shifted to another group of panel that I knew I would get low marks with. So I just presented for what I had. At the end I was shocked again that the presentation was not as bad as i expected. I got a B for it. It turns out my old group (that had done a lot more work than me) got lower marks than mine (Allah has other plans for them). but lucky for me, if I was still in that group, I might be failing.

 try to cry in your solat. pretend if you can't  

oh i  also recite this (for average / small problems- such as to avoid getting my mama pissed): 
"Wa ja ‘alna mim baini aidihim saddaw wa min khalfihim saddan fa agsyaina hum fa hum la yubsiruun" 
Dan Kami adakan di hadapan mereka dinding dan di belakang dinding (pula), dan Kami tutup (mata) mereka sehingga mereka tidak dapat melihat. (Yasin:9)

Hope my experience helps out. Chow!