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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Improve yourself post 1

why do we still do bad things?

. ignorance. ignorance. you know it's wrong but you still do it.

#1 You still continue to sleep although its 6.50am and haven't perform the wajibul subuh and suddenly u found out its 8.45am already.
You still dont wear your hijab when throwing out the garbage out front although you know neighbours can see your aurah
You still talk harshly to your mother although you know you can't be rude even for a bit to your parents
yup. all the above are some things that i still do.

maybe there are different reasons for the sins we made. for instance for:
#1 You thought you could wake up at 6.55am.
You thought neighbours aren't awake yet by that time
#3 You are a bad tempered person

but actually the main reason of  why do we still do bad things? would probably because you know that:

Allah is The All- Forgiving
(Yup. Allah Maha Pengampun)

you thought that He will forgive us, so we have time to taubat and ask for forgiveness. and the situation goes on and on, repeating itself, qada' menqada' solat, sins after sins.

I just finished qada' subuh this morning at 10am and thought, will Allah forgive me this time?  :(

do it cause u want Him to love u. 
not for the reward nor punishment.